Think you know Handle?

The new capabilities in Handle can shrink
the complexities of your business…

you just haven’t turned them on yet.

Working closely with several customers on their sales processes over the last year, we’ve seen and experienced the chaos involved in managing leads, quoting, closing a deal, and following up after a sale.

This has led to numerous new integrations, options, and templates in Handle. Many of these updates have been rolled out, but not turned on — unless you have been working directly with us.

This is the first of several articles we are sharing to highlight these new features, explain how they can work for your team, and let you know how to get started using them when you are ready.

We will start with one of the key interface options that can fundamentally change how your entire pipeline, Handle’s Flow Screen.

New Feature: Handle’s Flow Screen

The Flow Screen brings your entire sales process together into a single screen to reduce data entry, errors, and manual process checks.

Flow Screen lets your team:

See everything for the deal in one view

from lead to quote to closing, delivery, and settlement — at any point in the process

Perform any task from inside the Flow Screen

Including creating quick quotes and POs, logging calls, requesting trade assessments, and searching inventory and trade-ins

Comment and Collaborate from inside the Flow Screen

Free form comment field automatically time stamps and attributes comments, notifies others with @ mentions, and has built in voice recognition.

Link and add items and processes on the fly

equipment, inventory, trades, or any other records — with the in screen search and add records capability

Link to external systems

Enter and access leads, quotes, and assessments with external sources effortlessly

Focus on only what matters to the deal

with smart search filters, automated process checks, conditional field rules, and next step automations

Getting Started with Flow Screens

Using Flow Screens requires us to develop custom layouts and filters so you can take advantage of Flow Screen’s ability to simplify your process and work with other new capabilities in Handle, like converting your business to a paperless process with dynamic document creation.

If Handle’s new Flow Screens sounds like something your team could use, just send us a message to get started.

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