Shrinking the Complexity of your Process

Simplify access to the information
that really matters to your team in seconds

Standardize your processes
with fail-safe templates across your company’s operations

Streamline your data
just once – no need for repeat data entry across your many systems

Direct critical actions items automatically across workflows without checking them manually

Are you & your team wasting hours each week on complicated, inefficient processes that have you constantly re-entering data, checking multiple systems manually to see if something is ready to move forward, or putting out fires

If so, Handle can help you solve these problems.

A configurable CRM that shrinks the complexity of your processes

CustomerTRAX puts your entire organization on the same page with Handle 2.0™

Handle CRM Desktop Experience

Handle is an updated approach to CRM that shrinks and unifies your processes from start-to-finish by minimizing data entry and automatically integrating data from all your sources (and even passing it on between steps), cutting back on the number of steps your team has to go through in each of your workflows, and fostering long-term, company-wide behavioral change through our unique, 7-step process mapping and CRM implementation process.

For more details, ask us about 
The Implementation & Adoption Workbook: 7 Steps to Shrinking Your Sales Process with a CRM
, a high-level workbook that we put together to help walk you through our process

“Before Handle, we didn’t have a consistent way to collect information about what deals we were working on – instead, it was a very manual, disjointed process with 26 different people doing it 26 different ways.

“With Handle, we’ve been able to collect a lot of data that lets us know where our team should focus our time. This has driven much higher results in the past 5 years with our fact, we’ve been able to grow enough to add 6 new salespeople to our team in the last 5 years!”

“With Handle, we can automate our process from quote to settlement almost completely, and we can cut our quoting time to the customer down to just seconds.”

“I went from getting 5-10 calls a week from customers complaining that they weren’t getting callbacks, to getting zero for the past 4 years since using Handle."

See some of the ways Handle and our 7-step

“Shrinking the Complexity of Your Processes”

CRM adoption process can help your organization

With Your Leads

Ensure your leads are followed up with and everyone knows the status of each by centralizing your lists and lead sources. Quickly identify where your leads are coming from so you can pull metrics and see which sources to focus on for lead generation.

With Your Accounts

Focus your time and effort on the right accounts by segmenting, classifying, and assigning them by department. Use our customer ranking automation to quickly see which customer accounts to prioritize and external databases to get detailed profiles.

With Your Inventory

Get quick access to all inventory information you need to know before a sale (such as repair orders for the piece of inventory in question) with real time inventory detail and status updates. Create timed rules and automated email updates that prevent missed opportunities and mistakes.

With Your Opportunities

Track your customer’s needs and efficiently quote solutions through our “quick quote” feature and integrations that automatically centralize all your customer quote data incentives, programs, sold/hold process, and much more in one central place.

With Your Approvals

Approve, track funds, and place orders seamlessly and error-free by skipping manual re-entry of data and instead automating it all.

With Your Communications

Make sure customer needs don’t fall through the cracks by distributing work requests between departments smoothly and guaranteeing the timely delivery of products after an order is placed.

With Your Deals

Know exactly when and if the critical steps have been completed (without having to manually check them yourself) before you submit an invoicing request. Receive a notification that things are ready to move forward, or that there is a problem, with our system’s automated checks & balances.

With Your Follow-Up

Configure a custom follow-up process to increase your customer satisfaction and capture future sales through timely, relevant communications after a sale and prior to warranty expiration. Set your own custom follow-up rules, timelines, triggers by department, and automated emails.

Handle Mobile CRM Experience

“Rather than relying on little yellow sticky notes or emails that can easily get lost or forgotten, we now use Handle to set up automatic alerts and notifications that make sure the right departments know what’s happening and know who needs to give who a callback.”

HandleLogo 2

To get started with Handle, schedule your initial “Shrinking Your Processes” strategy session with us.

What makes Handle different from other systems?

There are two main factors that make Handle stand out.

4 Part Configurable Technology Framework

7-step Process Mapping & implementation process

Our 4 Part, Proven-To-Work Framework

Though you might not expect it, many common business issues (such as too much time wasted on data entry and paperwork, checking if things are ready to move forward, or putting out fires) are directly related to inefficiencies in your company’s processes.

Put simply, these inefficiencies in your processes come from the decentralization of your data, processes, and people. 

That’s why Handle’s 4-part, proven-to-work framework brings all of these things together so you can avoid many of the common business issues you’re experiencing today. 

More specifically, the 4-part framework below has allowed Handle to evolve into a tool made specifically for helping organizations shrink and simplify all their processes (and by all, we mean all – leads, deals, inventory, orders, invoices, fund allocation, trucking & service requests, commissions, settlements, follow up, and more).



Centralizing all your data to minimize unnecessary data entry by pulling together and integrating all your data sources.



Ensure all critical steps are met and requirements are clear with no errors are made by streamlining your workflows



Using automation that tells your team what they need to act on when without constantly having to manually check this themselves.



Guaranteeing your leadership and management are aware of fires before they happen through reliable, automatic reporting that keeps them in the loop.

Handle’s 7-step CRM Adoption & Implementation Process

But it’s not just about the Handle CRM and its capabilities itself. 

It’s also about our unique, 7-Step CRM Adoption & Implementation Process.
Through these 7 steps, refined over the course of 20+ years working in CRM development and the guiding of
thousands of users through successful CRM adoption, we’ll begin by looking at your current processes and workflows to see how you’re doing things today so we can quickly pinpoint problem areas.

Because the truth is that, no matter how you feel about your current processes nor how defined they are, you do have them. Which is why it’s critical to know where you are with them today before moving forward.

Starting here will ultimately allow us to create a prototype and simple setup for your team that makes it easier for them to do their jobs as well as provide leadership with the information they need to coach.

Then, through a combination of tech tools, best practices, and our expertise, we’ll work to shrink the complexity of your many processes until the actual number of steps you take within each are cut back as much as possible. 

And rather than sticking to the traditional “training model” of sitting your team down in a room for an entire, information-overload-day to teach them the new tool, following our process helps you learn the system in the most efficient way possible – in other words, by working through it with you, building it out for you, and teaching you by your specific examples as we go. 

For more details, ask us about The Implementation & Adoption Workbook: 7 Steps to Shrinking Your Sales Process with a CRM, a complete workbook that we put together to help walk you through our process.

What Handle Customers Are Saying...

We were looking at a 4 to 6 month timeline from another developer for our trade appraisal process, but we had a working model in just 45 days with Handle.
I am amazed at the search flexibility Handle has and how much easier I can extract important info and serve it up to my team.
Handle keeps our staff focused and ‘in the know’ on what we need them to do on a daily basis.
Handle helps us break down communication “barriers” across all our departments - parts, service, sales, rental, admin, management, and even our accounts receivable manager!
HandleLogo 2

To get started with Handle, schedule your initial “Shrinking Your Processes” strategy session with us.

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