Eliminate Errors and Save Time

When setting up Deal Packages, most businesses struggle with getting the paperwork done and done right. A lot of time and energy is invested in data entry, decisions around which forms to include — and fixing errors when either of things is done wrong.

We’ve set up Handle’s Paperless Workflow to minimize data entry, decision making, and errors. We’ve also reduced your time entering data by 99+% — from 30-45 minutes to about 2 minutes — giving you a smoother workflow in a fraction of the time without errors.

Paperless Workflow

80-90% of deals have some kind of issue with them. Someone forgets a form or a piece of information. Data is missing or incorrect. And every time this happens, it can delay the deal by 24 hours or more. Handle’s Paperless Workflow and integrations improve your teams efficiency by eliminating 90% of data entry and 75% of manual decisions, simplifying your operations while avoiding costly process errors.

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