Handle License

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Server License

Standard Server License
This includes the loading of all data and setup for the following modules.
Hardware is provided by the Dealer or hosted at JDO.
  • D.B.S. Data Modules: (Account, Equipment, Financial, Invoice, Inventory, Notes)
  • JDQuote Integration (Accounts, Inventory)
  • Standard CRM Entities ­ (Alerts, Sales Calls, Cases, Notes, Opportunities, and Tasks)
  • Keyword Search – Google like account search against DBS and prospect records
  • Advanced Search – Construct complex custom searches and save them
  • Activity List – Define & save reports on Alerts, Calls, Cases, Notes, Opportunities, and Tasks
  • Mapping – Google Map and Excel integration with advanced searches
  • Target – Use your DBS and prospect lists to create Targets and assign responsibility
  • Calendar – Displays pending and completed calls and tasks (management access available)
  • Notifications – Notify anyone internally about standard or custom entities
  • Automation – Alerts and notifications. (Rules based Automated Alerts, Notifications, Calls, etc.)
  • Reports – Report library (custom reports available upon request)
  • Mobility Apps – Android and iOS for Full licenses (Inventory and CRM)
  • Handle Agent  – Read only access (VoIP and updates require Platinum Care)

Platinum Server License
The following modules are provided in addition to Enterprise modules listed above.

  • Handle Agent VoIP phone system integration
  • Handle Agent two way updates
  • Customer Portal
  • Custom CRM Entities (forms). ­ Available upon request (billable)
  • Handle Framework Customizations (forms) – Available upon request (may be billable)
    • This includes any and all customizations to existing or custom forms.

User License

There are two license types for Handle CRM, Full and Enterprise. Full has access to all modules while Enterprise has limited capabilities. Licenses are not permanently tied to a user or username. They are transferable between users, as long as the yearly license renewal is paid.

JDIS and EQUIP Dealers do not require licensed users for the DBS. PFW Dealers require a database connection (ADP BSI) licensing for their organization.

Enterprise License 

    • Limited access to view and update specific areas of the system
    • Unlimited users can be setup
    • Users with Enterprise license will have access to the following:
      • Accounts/Prospects
      • Contacts
      • Alerts
      • Sales Calls
      • Notes
      • Tasks
      • Notifications
      • Attachments
      • Handle Agent CRM – desktop app (read-only)
      • Exchange/Gmail contact and calendar sync (requires mobility)
      • iOS and Android apps (requires mobility)

Full License

  • There is a one time purchase price and a yearly renewal per full license.
  • Includes mobility license
    • Exchange/Gmail contact and calendar sync
    • iOS and Android apps
  • Handle Agent CRM- desktop app (create/update)
  • Access to all Handle modules and entities
  • Account
  • Account Equipment
  • Account Group
  • Account Planning
  • Account Scoring
  • Alert
  • Attachments
  • Budget
  • Bulk Oil Delivery
  • Case
  • Contact
  • Crop Mix
  • Delivery Request
  • Discount
  • Finance Program
  • Inventory
  • Invoicing
  • Market Share
  • Lead
  • Livestock
  • Media
  • Note
  • Opportunity
  • Partner
  • Quote (JDQuote)
  • Rental Contract
  • Rtk Receiver
  • Rtk Tower
  • Sales Call
  • Searching
  • Task
  • MFPro Trade Assessment
  • Target
  • Training Event
  • Truck
  • Undercarriage Inspection
  • Warranty
  • Service Request

Regardless of server license requiring fields, renaming labels, and  add/remove drop-down values can be configured or edited on the modules available to each user license


  • Enables use of mobile apps on Apple and Android devices.
  • Enables the option to sync Calendar or Contacts with Exchange or Gmail.
  • Included in Full licenses (since May 2014)
  • Can be purchased separately for Enterprise users.
  • There is a one time purchase price and a yearly renewal per license if purchased separately.

Handle Compatibility (Computer/Browser/Mobile)

Handle is a web based silverlight application. When running from a desktop or laptop, it requires Microsoft Silverlight and one of the compatible web browsers listed below. Because Silverlight is not compatible with mobile devices and tablets, we offer Handle apps for both iOS and Android.

  • Silverlight = Silverlight 5 Build 5.1.10411.0 Released May 8, 2012 or later.
  • Windows x86/x64 based Desktop/Laptop
    • Internet Explorer
      • Version 8 No Longer Supported
      • Version 9 (32 bit) Compatible
      • Version 9 (64 bit) Not Compatible
      • Version 10 Compatible
      • Version 11 Compatible
      • MS Edge Unsupported
    • Chrome
      • All Versions Not Compatible
    • Firefox
      • Version 25+ Compatible
    • Safari
      • All Versions. Untested / Unsupported
    • Opera
      • All Versions. Untested / Unsupported
  • Apple MacOS based Desktop/Laptop
    • Internet Explorer
      • All Versions. N/A
    • Chrome
      • All Versions. Not Compatible
    • Firefox
      • Version 25+ Compatible
    • Safari
      • Version 8 or higher Compatible
    • Opera
      • All Versions. Untested / Unsupported
  • Apple Mobile Device
    • Latest App version can be found in the Apple App store.
    • Requires IOS 8.0 or later
  • Android Mobile Device
    • Latest App version can be found in the Google Play Store.
    • Requires Android 4.0 or later.
  • Windows Mobile Device
    • Untested / Unsupported
  • BlackBerry Mobile Device
    • Untested / Unsupported

Handle Maintenance & Support

The first 12 months maintenance and support is included in the estimate. Your next maintenance invoice will occur Jan 1st of the following year. That invoice will be prorated based upon the time of purchase. For example, a purchase made in June includes fees through June of next year. In January an invoice will be due for the remainder (i.e 6 months) of that year.


  • Support team hours: 8:00am – 6:00pm CST support@customertrax.com
  • Access to tutorials & knowledge center (click here)
  • Handle support email – support@customertrax.com
  • Emergency support – Dial 763-548-0828 and follow prompts
  • Handle product information – handle@customertrax.com
Handle License

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