Home Screen Basics

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When you login into Handle, the first page that displays by default is the Home screen. Home tells you what is overdue and due today as well as items you have been notified on. Further, you can review activity that has transpired on items you create, own, or are assigned to.

Additionally, you can search for accounts, navigate to any module you have access to, and access additional menus and options.


  1. Keyword search
  2. Create New (Sales Calls, Note, Tasks, etc.)
  3. Navigation Bar
  4. Overflow (Navbar items that do not show due to your screen size)
  5. User Menu
  6. Your ‘Priority List’ – any activity (alert, sales call, opportunity, etc.) that is overdue or due today
  7. Feeds
    1. Recent – Any changes to anything you create, you own, or you are assigned to.
    2. Upcoming – Activities that are scheduled or due soon
    3. Overdue – Activities that are past due
    4. Searching – A list of Opportunities that have a status “Searching for”
    5. Trade-In – A combination of Account Equipment marked as Trade-In and units available for trade in JDQuote
    6. Notifications – Items you are notified on
      1. “Unreviewed” notifications will display here until reviewed.
Home Screen Basics

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