Quoting on mobile

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Create JDQuote from Mobile App

  1. Add ‘New’ JDQuote
    1. From JDQuote group
    2. Anywhere there is a action menu (triple dots)
  2. On the JDQuote form
    1. Enter quote name. Everything else has smart defaults.
    2. Link in Account Equipment and Inventory (or if created from an Opportunity with items linked, they will copy over automatically)
    3. Click Create – Once created, a popup window will display the quote automatically and link it back to Handle.

Update Existing Quote in Handle Mobile App

Now you can update information on JDQuotes you just created or existing quotes you own that have been synced in to Handle.

  1. Expiration Date
  2. Owner (Sales Rep)
  3. Status


Click on the blue Quote ID link to jump directly to the quote on JDQuote2 site.



View Quotes from Mobile

  1. Any saved searches automatically display on mobile apps
    JDQuote-SavedList     JDQuote-QuoteList
  2. View from JD Quote group in Account or Opportunity
    JDQuote-AccGroups     JDQuote-GroupList
Quoting on mobile

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