Why Handle?

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We are frequently asked to compare our CRM product, Handle, to one or more of the many off the shelf CRM products out there. While we cannot comment on what others can or cannot do, we can provide insight on some of the unique things we do at CustomerTRAX.

Let’s start with our approach to CRM. The technology solution you implement is only part of the process; how you go about it is equally important. We have created a unique CRM Adoption process designed to shorten the time it takes to implement a CRM successfully. Click here to learn more about the CustomerTRAX CRM Adoption process.

Next, let’s say you have a list of customers you want to assign to your sales team and customer service reps. You want to call on them, profile them, understand their needs, and identify opportunities to sell products and services. With this information, you can ensure no one is lost, forecast your market, identify new solutions, and coach your team to improve. The struggle is how to keep track of it all.

With Handle, you could use one of the many pre-built solutions, customize it, or quickly create a new solution using the 4 components of our framework listed below.

  1. Integration – Integrate all existing data from other sources with Handle
  2. Forms – Create forms to track profile data, sales calls, and opportunities identified by team
  3. Analysis – Create ad-hoc and saved searches to review the data and analyze it (lists & maps)
  4. Automation – Create automated rules to drive consistency, follow-up reminders, and reports

Click on the modules above for more information on their capabilities, or select any of the pre-built modules below for more details.Please note, Handle is available through a desktop browsers and our mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.

Handle Grips

  1. Account Management

  2. Opportunity Management

  3. Support Center

  4. Inventory Management

  5. Service Management

  6. Vehicle Management

  7. Target Marketing

Why Handle?

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