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Handle is intelligent framework that centralizes your systems and data to drive critical workflows and actions that keep your team on track while providing you the necessary information for strategic decisions.

Standard Modules

We are experts at connecting data from a multitude of data sources and applications, so Handle can be tailored to any unique set of needs. Our clients utilize our framework to connect their application and data into a single spot for simplicity.

CRM & Account Management

Inventory & Order Management

Pipeline & Lead Management

Pre-Sales Communications & Surveys

Costing & Quoting Tools

Departmental Requests

(service, parts, logistics)

Forecasting Tools

Auditing Tools

Post-Sale Follow-up & Surveys

Workflow Management

Paperless Processing & eSign

Handle makes your data work for you

Customer Relationship Management solutions can organize data.

But what then? How can the right data improve your process and ensure users follow it without mistakes?

Handle establishes the rules that govern your ideal processesand then creates the necessary views and workflows that team members need to do their jobs efficiently, while providing leadership the information they need to make strategic decisions. 

Configure intelligent views of the information your team needs to do their job. Streamline the collection of information, generate forms, send notification and surveys, create follow-up processes, build quotes—complete these routine tasks and much more without having to think twice. The process flows exactly as you’ve designed it to. 

When you remove manual decisions, users feel empowered and leadership won’t need to police the process. With Handle, the work is automatic.

The Handle framework is designed to…


Our advanced integration capabilities can pull, push, and synchronize data from multiple databases, applications, PDF’s, and more etc., to reducing data entry and gathering get all the information you need in one place.


A.I. Automation

Handle automatically joins your data together to make it more useful. Use data to provide direction and automate processes. Our automation engine can automatically link disconnected data sources and applications together to access them in a single source.



Imagine all your company data, intelligently displayed in one convenient platform. Handle provides user-friendly tools that make it easy to search, organize, update and report.

Our dynamic tabs provide easy access and standardized views that can be shared, so every user has the correct, actionable data they need, when they need it.



Consolidate any simple or complex process into a single windowno more switching between programs. Handle creates a central hub and a template / forms builder for easy data collection on your desktop and mobile devices.



Handle can be used to establishes the conditional rules that ensure all team members follow the correct process without having to read a manual. Eliminate 90% of data entry and 75% of manual decisions, simplifying your operations while eliminating process errors. 



Establish automated rules to continue engagement through automated reminders, email, surveys, and more. Handle can be configured to ensure lasting satisfaction and follow-up with your prospects and customers.


Let us show you how to shrink your process​

Our experts will assess your immediate data challenges and show you how Handle can simplify and streamline your operations.

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