Quote Management

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Creating and managing quotes has never been easier

An opportunity is designed to act as a folder to house all information around a deal to sell, price, close, and fulfill it. This all assumes the opportunity is identified early in the sales process.

There are however times that opportunities are identified at the same time a quote is needed. When this occurs starting with an opportunity can seem like an extra step making the process clunky. With Handle’s new streamlined quote process, you can create a quote with less clicks, send trade information, and link quotes to opportunities faster.

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True CRM adoptions involves more than technology. No technology solution will provide success without the right approach.


Integrate your sales process, service requests, deliveries, invoicing, etc.

  Identify When an opportunity to sell something has been identified, it must go through several steps / stages before actually closing the sale. There will likely be several conversations with the prospective buyer, internal discussion, inspections, appraisals, quotes, and