Product Overview

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Hardware & Setup

There are two license types for Handle CRM, Full and Enterprise. Full has access to all modules while Enterprise has limited capabilities. Licenses are not permanently tied to a user or username. They are transferable between users, as long as the yearly license renewal is paid.  read more

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Our adoption process is designed to create Developing organizations—to help establish a business culture where organizations use data and information to plan for future success.

Implementation Timeline

How long does it take to implement Handle? A high-level outline of the Handle implementation steps are below. Some items need to be completed immediately to start the implementation process. Some of these milestones will be handled by different members of our team, and may happen in parallel. The number of days listed at each stage are estimates and will vary based on implementation objectives.  read more


Creating CRM Adoption

CustomerTRAX works to steer companies to a positive and effective CRM implementation and adoption method. This process addresses the 3 problem areas that derail most implementation processes: Consensus, Technology, and Education.

Adoption Process

What percentage of Word, Excel, or Email do you use? Would you stop using any of these applications because you don’t use all of their functionality?

Robust tools laden with bells and whistles sound amazing on the surface, but what good are all those features if they don’t help your business achieve its overarching goals?

The bottom line?—the percentage of the CRM functionality being used is meaningless if that functionality doesn’t drive IMPACT.

  1. Use versus Impact – The Iceberg
  2. Quantity versus Quality – The 5Ws
  3. Track versus Develop – The Pillars
  4. Push Versus Engage – The Gap
  5. Training Versus Educating – Not A One Time Event

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Getting Started

When you login into Handle, the first page that displays by default is the Home screen. Home tells you what is overdue and due today as well as items you have been notified on. Further, you can review activity that has transpired on items you create, own, or are assigned to.

Basics: Handle 101

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Customizing Your Views and Reports

Easily customize your views and reports to get the information you need at a glance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Handle Tips

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Account Management

Cut the number of calls needed to close a sale by 50%. with Handle—A simple, smart, and speedy solution to manage your prospect and customer relationships.

Managing Customers and Prospects

Is there value in Account Management? It boils down to the simple truth: people (e.g. customers) expect you to keep your commitments and contact them when you said you will. Unknowingly, they also expect that YOU should reach out to them. Proactively contacting customers outside their buying cycle is one of the most effective things you can do to increase efficiency.  read more

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Key Account Management

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Scheduling and Call Recording

How do I record a call with a customer? Any conversation that moves a sale forward is considered a sales call. The details of this conversation should be captured, so important details are not lost. Additionally, further solutions can be gained from the insights gathered during the call.  read more

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Communicating and Updating Team Members

How do I keep team members in the loop without re-entering data? Handle notifications can be used to Increase awareness on any changes.  Notifications can be sent from any form (Opportunity, Service Request, Delivery Request) by entering the user’s name into the Notification field.  read more

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Inventory Management

Can I use Handle to track inventory (availability, specifications, pricing)?  A quick response can make the difference in closing a deal or losing it to competition. Product availability, specifications, and pricing are many times the critical pieces of information needed. The trouble is searching product information can be complicated with lots of different specifications, not to mention you are not always in front of a computer. Additionally, it can be a struggle for leadership to keep track of and manage the process. Handle inventory management makes it easy to find what you are looking for, create ‘hot lists’, and take action by creating quotes.

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Deal Management

When an opportunity to sell something has been identified, it must go through several steps / stages before actually closing the sale. There will likely be several conversations with the prospective buyer, internal discussion, inspections, appraisals, quotes, and work done by other departments to fulfill the sale. The Handle framework for process management gives you the power to integrate your entire process in one screen making sure critical steps are not missed and the right team members are queued in at the right time.  read more

Opportunity Identification

Why would I track opportunities? Is the primary function of your sales team to provide pricing? Do you hear your sales team complain they are losing deals due to price? If so, your organization may be on it’s way to becoming a commodity. Additionally, are you making important decisions based on quotes rather than the “opportunity?” If so, please read more

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Quoting (JDQuote)

An opportunity is designed to act as a folder to house all information around a deal to sell, price, close, and fulfill it. This all assumes the opportunity is identified early in the sales process. There are however times that opportunities are identified at the same time a quote is needed. When this occurs starting with an opportunity can seem like an extra step making the process clunky. With Handle’s new streamlined quote process, you can create a quote with less clicks, send trade information, and link quotes to opportunities faster.

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Trade Assessments (MFPro)

Create trade assessments from within an Account and/or an Opportunity.

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Service Management (Requests)

How do I use Handle to streamline my service request process?  Your service department manages a lot of requests, work that must be done on time, and things that do not go as planned. Additional, requests can come in the form of emails, texts, written notes etc. The problem is information is almost always missing leading to a lot of wasted time and effort tracking down what should have been there the first time. Not to mention the chance of forgetting or losing something.  read more

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Vehicle Management (Truck and Delivery Requests)

How do I use Handle to analyze and predict delivery capacity? In the process of selling and trading anything stuff needs to be moved, internally and externally. Certain items require special equipment to move them and there are always special requests with each pickup and delivery. Keeping track of all this critical information and making sure the job get done done on time as efficiently as possible can be difficult. Handle is designed to manage everything you need in a single screen and keep everyone in the loop.

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The invoicing form allows an organization to define their process, print the necessary info, collect signatures, get the customer out the door, and pass the processing on to internal team members.

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Process Management

Why Handle? We are frequently asked to compare our CRM product, Handle, to one or more of the many off the shelf CRM products out there. While we cannot comment on what others can or cannot do, we can provide insight on some of the unique things we do at CustomerTRAX. Let’s start with our approach to CRM. read more

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Support Center

Can Handle be used in a support center? How well you service it will usually decide whether or not you will get the chance to sell again to that customer. The trouble is as the solutions you provide become more complicated, more resource are required to help solve problems. Handle’s ticket management allows you to track any project or problem, who is responsible, whether it is billable, and the solution for others to reference later.

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Target Marketing

Can I use Handle to execute my marketing strategy? What is required of an organization to sell is ever changing. In today’s marketplace, it is becoming critical your resources are with the right customers and prospects at the right time. You simply cannot afford to reach out to everyone in the same way. Most organizations have great marketing strategies. Many times the goal is the sales of a new product or service, an upsell on a previous purchase, or simply a way to provide more value to your customers and or prospects. All with the hope that it can be done with minimal effort.  read more

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Mobile Apps – iOS and Android

Your customers are demanding more face time but the information they need is in the office. Make it easy for your team to access customer profile data from anywhere, update their status using voice to text, and instantly share with other team members. You can also give them access to the inventory, pricing, marketing, and quote data they need – preventing trips back to the office.


How do I download and sign into the Mobile apps on my phone or tablet? Easily find and update information on the go with Handle’s Inventory and CRM apps. Features include access to saved searches, voice-to-text, inventory pricing, and account mapping. These apps are available for both iOS and Android.


When I login to Handle CRM app for the first time, what am I looking at? When you login into Handle mobile CRM, the first page that displays by default is the Home screen. Home tells you what is overdue and due today as well as items you have been notified on. Further, you can review activity that has transpired on items you create, own, or are assigned to. Additionally, you can search for accounts using the keyword search.  read more

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When I login to Handle Inventory app for the first time, what am I looking at? The Handle Inventory app has filters and a keyword search for quick searches. Many times users need to be more specific in their searches. CustomerTRAX has added the desktop advanced searching capabilities to the mobile inventory app (phone and tablet).  read more

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Handle Agent (VoIP)

Can I integrate Handle with my phone system to get screen pops? Struggling to quickly access, update, and share customer updates with your team? The Handle Agent runs quietly in the background and integrates with your phone system. It will pop up when a call comes in, displaying the account of the customer calling. With just a click of a button you can search for accounts, keep multiple accounts open in tabs, and access equipment details.  read more

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Customer Portal

Can I give customers access to cases, invoices, etc.? The Handle customer portal provides a way to share information with your customers and vice-versa. Create a customer login that allows them to view and potentially update the following information.  read more

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Administration Portal

User management and configuration using teams and roles.

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