Opportunity Management

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Why would I track opportunities?

  1. Is the primary function of your sales team to provide pricing?
  2. Do you hear your sales team complain they are losing deals due to price?

If so, your organization may be on it’s way to becoming a commodity.

Additionally, are you making important decisions based on quotes rather than the “opportunity?” Read more

Get your CRM Adoption Score
Get your Handle CRM Score

True CRM adoptions involves more than technology. No technology solution will provide success without the right approach.


  1. Creating an opportunity
    1. Starting an opportunity
    2. Opportunity details
    3. Next steps e.g. sales call
  2. Quoting
    1. Starting a quote from and opportunity
    2. Starting a quote without an opportunity
  3. Integrate your sales process
  4. Reporting
    1. My active opportunities
    2. Reviewing other’s opportunities
    3. Scheduling automatic delivery of reports
  5. Linking
    1. Linking inventory to existing opportunities
    2. Linking existing quotes to existing opportunities

Integrate your sales process, service requests, deliveries, invoicing, etc.

  Identify When an opportunity to sell something has been identified, it must go through several steps / stages before actually closing the sale. There will likely be several conversations with the prospective buyer, internal discussion, inspections, appraisals, quotes, and