Mobile Apps – iOS and Android

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Your customers are demanding more face time but the information they need is in the office. Make it easy for your team to access customer profile data from anywhere, update their status using voice to text, and instantly share with other team members. You can also give them access to the inventory, pricing, marketing, and quote data they need – preventing trips back to the office.


How do I download and sign into the Mobile apps on my phone or tablet? Easily find and update information on the go with Handle’s Inventory and CRM apps. Features include access to saved searches, voice-to-text, inventory pricing, and account mapping. These apps are available for both iOS and Android.


When I login to Handle CRM app for the first time, what am I looking at? When you login into Handle mobile CRM, the first page that displays by default is the Home screen. Home tells you what is overdue and due today as well as items you have been notified on. Further, you can review activity that has transpired on items you create, own, or are assigned to. Additionally, you can search for accounts using the keyword search.  read more


When I login to Handle Inventory app for the first time, what am I looking at? The Handle Inventory app has filters and a keyword search for quick searches. Many times users need to be more specific in their searches. CustomerTRAX has added the desktop advanced searching capabilities to the mobile inventory app (phone and tablet).  read more