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Our adoption process is designed to create Developing organizations—to help establish a business culture where organizations use data and information to plan for future success.

Implementation Timeline

How long does it take to implement Handle? A high-level outline of the Handle implementation steps are below. Some items need to be completed immediately to start the implementation process. Some of these milestones will be handled by different members of our team, and may happen in parallel. The number of days listed at each stage are estimates and will vary based on implementation objectives.  read more


Creating CRM Adoption

CustomerTRAX works to steer companies to a positive and effective CRM implementation and adoption method. This process addresses the 3 problem areas that derail most implementation processes: Consensus, Technology, and Education.

Adoption Process

What percentage of Word, Excel, or Email do you use? Would you stop using any of these applications because you don’t use all of their functionality?

Robust tools laden with bells and whistles sound amazing on the surface, but what good are all those features if they don’t help your business achieve its overarching goals?

The bottom line?—the percentage of the CRM functionality being used is meaningless if that functionality doesn’t drive IMPACT.

  1. Use versus Impact – The Iceberg
  2. Quantity versus Quality – The 5Ws
  3. Track versus Develop – The Pillars
  4. Push Versus Engage – The Gap
  5. Training Versus Educating – Not A One Time Event