Framework Overview

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The Handle CRM framework was developed from organizations unique needs driven by ever changing marketplaces. Our framework allows you to integrate data from any source, create forms in a single screen to display, capture, and share with team members. Also, included in the Handle Framework are advanced searching, reporting, and automation tools. Save, schedule, and automatically deliver the information you need.

Accessibility and Search

Information in Handle can be easily found and accessed using Keyword and Advanced Search. Advanced searching allows complete control for building lists and is available with every form/activity.


Handle can be accessed on the web and mobile devices. Additionally, Handle can be integrated with your VoIP call center and opened up to your customers through a secure portal.


Handle is a web based Silverlight application. When running from a desktop or laptop, it requires Microsoft Silverlight and one of the compatible web browsers listed here.


Easily find and update information on the go with Handle’s Inventory and CRM apps. Features include access to saved searches, voice-to-text, inventory pricing, and account mapping. These apps are available for both iOS and Android.

VoIP Agent

The Handle Agent runs quietly in the background and integrates with your phone system. It will pop up when a call comes in, displaying the account of the customer calling.  read more

Customer Portal

The Handle customer portal provides a way to share information with your customers and vice-versa. Create a customer login that allows them to view and potentially update the following information.  read more


While Handle can be integrated with any datasource via direct connection, web services, and/or an API, we also have a number of pre-built services for John Deere Dealers. More specifically, EQUIP, PFW, JDQuote, MFPro, DIT, to name a few. Additionally, we have out of the box integrations to JTAPI (VoIP) , Exchange (Outlook), Gmail, Google Maps, LDAP (single sign on). Handle can also be used to distribute and/or update data in other applications.
  1. Business System ERP
  2. MFPro Inventory & MFPro Trade Assessments
  3. DIT
  4. Google Maps
  5. VoIP phone system
  6. JDQuote2
  7. Gmail
  8. Exchange
  9. Single Sign-on

Process - Form Builder

Imagine the power of talking to a customer or prospect and within a single screen having access to any important information about them along with places to store anything new you gather in the discussion. Create a single screen with the Handle Framework that has the information you need, follows your process, minimizes duplicate data entry, engages necessary team members, while minimizing mistakes and re-work.
  • Standard features
  • Field types and options
    • TYPES
      • Text entry
        • Number of characters can be limited
        • Maximum characters is ~4000 depending on version of SQL
      • Status
        • Special drop-down field
        • Each ‘status’ can be defined as active or inactive
          • Active items can be edited and will display in Active Feed
          • Inactive items can not be edited and will display in Complete or History Feed
        • Each ‘status’ can be defined as actionable or not
          • Actionable items will display in Feed
          • Non-actionable items will not display in Feed
      • Owners
        • Users in Handle that are assigned to the form
        • One or multiple
      • Numeric
        • Integer
        • Decimal
          • Percentage
          • Money value
      • Phone number
        • Formatted by region
      • Date/time
      • Checkbox
      • Range/slider
      • Selection drop-down
        • Single
        • Multi-select
      • Type-ahead
        • Searches against defined field values
      • Required fields
      • Default values
      • Read-only
      • Column layout
      • Conditional display
        • Fields and groups can be configured to display when other values are selected
      • Calculatable or formula fields
      • Custom style (font, color, size, etc.)
      • Field level security (View / Edit permissions)
    • Custom CRM Entities (forms) available upon request (billable)

Advanced Searching and Reporting

Using the Handle form builder you have everything you need in one screen. Access to key information, a place to store new important details, and your workflow to engage team members and track next steps. Now, you need a way for team members to be able to create reports on what they need to do and analyze the information for further improvements. To coordinate coaching, develop skills, and identify clear, actionable next steps, regularly review and discuss activity with your team using Reports, Advanced Search, and Feeds. With the Handle Advanced Search, create reports, save them, create maps, and access them on and offline on mobile devices.


You want to create consistent behaviors and ensure follow-up occurs before and after certain events. Use the Handle automation tools to deliver key reports on a scheduled basis, ensure accounts are not forgotten and critical action steps are completed.
  • Scheduled report delivery - Setup any saved search to be delivered to you automatically as a .csv file via email.
  • Automated Rules
  • Dashboards (in process) - Any Saved Search you have can be converted into a dashboard