Account Management

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Cut the number of calls needed to close a sale by 50%. with Handle—A simple, smart, and speedy solution to manage your prospect and customer relationships.

Managing Customers and Prospects

Is there value in Account Management? It boils down to the simple truth: people (e.g. customers) expect you to keep your commitments and contact them when you said you will. Unknowingly, they also expect that YOU should reach out to them. Proactively contacting customers outside their buying cycle is one of the most effective things you can do to increase efficiency.  read more

Scheduling and Call Recording

How do I record a call with a customer? Any conversation that moves a sale forward is considered a sales call. The details of this conversation should be captured, so important details are not lost. Additionally, further solutions can be gained from the insights gathered during the call.  read more

Communicating and Updating Team Members

How do I keep team members in the loop without re-entering data? Handle notifications can be used to Increase awareness on any changes.  Notifications can be sent from any form (Opportunity, Service Request, Delivery Request) by entering the user’s name into the Notification field.  read more