About CustomerTRAX

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Your business will be recession-proof.

Your sales numbers? Embarrassingly huge.

Customers will send scented letters, begging you to take their money.

…CRM makes many promises, but they don’t always deliver.

Why do some companies adopt CRM with staggering success while the overwhelming majority struggle or fail badly?

It’s not luck.

Often when companies implement CRM, they tend to become “Trackers” —focused on tracking and reviewing meaningless data and past failures.

But to successfully adopt and implement CRM, businesses must root their culture in planning for and creating future success. At CustomerTRAX, we call this becoming a Developer — and with more than 20 years of experience, we know how to guide and motivate organizations to embrace the Developer philosophy.

Listen, we get that people like to do what they’ve always done because it’s comfortable. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

CustomerTRAX provides a unique and proven pathway for your company to successfully adopt and implement CRM — so your organization is positioned to use CRM to plan and develop your team.

The CustomerTRAX adoption process is focused on addressing three main barriers that prevent organizations from succeeding:

1. Consensus: management and team members must understand, agree and cooperate on a process that leads to creative solutions.

2. Technology: Focus must be put on the most important things an application can provide to benefit your team.

3. Education: The CRM solution must include ongoing, easy-to-digest training sessions to account for everyone’s learning styles.

At the core of the CustomerTRAX adoption process is the Handle Framework —a smart, simple and speedy CRM technology solution to minimize data entry, make key information accessible, and facilitate necessary processes.

CustomerTRAX can help your company get a grip on CRM solutions — and start planning for future success. We invite you to learn more about our adoption approach online and explore the opportunity to access our CRM adoption workbooks and measure your company’s CRM performance score.