Automated trade matching (Searching)

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Opportunities are designed to track any potential sale. Many times, you may not have exactly what the customer is looking for. The Searching form is the way to keep track of detailed specifications and be automatically notified of potential matches.

Create search criteria

Enter in multiple values or the beginning of values to broaden your search. You can even leave blank values to yield more results. Description will not be used to generate matches but can be used to store more details about the unit the customer is are looking for.

  • Make – exact match (=)
  • Model – starts with (>>)
    • Free text search capable of handling multiple values
    • Separated with a “,” [comma]
  • Category – exact match (=)
  • New/used – exact match (=)
  • Hours – range [..]
  • Price – range [..]
  • Year – range [..]
  • Horsepower – range [..]
  • Spec Codes – starts with (>>)
    • Free text search capable of handling multiple values
    • Separated with a “,” [comma]
    • Inventory search only



Matches are found nightly by matching up customers that are looking to sell and customers that are wanting to buy. The Has Suggestion checkbox will indicate when matches are found. The matches are pulled from Inventory and Account Equipment marked for ‘trade-in’. Account Equipment will automatically be marked as trade-in if it is linked to an Opportunity (active), JDQuote (active), MFPro Assessment, Trade Appraisal. Users can also manually change Account Equipment status to trade-in.

Handle will use Searching Criteria to match against all of the account equipment available for trade and all inventory that is not sold or used as rental. Possible matches will be listed in Searching and the owner of the Searching item will be notified of the potential match. The owner of Trade (JDQuote/Trade Assessment) will be notified if possible match is accepted as a match.

If there are new or unreviewed matched the Suggested Matches (has suggestions) checkbox will be checked. When checked, the search will be paused until all possible matches have been reviewed. When searching forms are marked complete, matches will no longer be generated.


Review matches

To review the list of possible matches select “Link Matches”


The matches will display in a pop-up and give you the ability to review each item; and then accept or decline them as matches. If there are multiple matched instances with the same serial number, Handle will only display the unit with the most recent date.


Searching criteria can be modified and the possible matches will update on the fly. Any new equipment found that match the updated criteria will be added into your list of possible matches. Handle will not remove the previously Accepted or Declined matches even if they no longer fit the search criteria. They will continue to display in the Equipment group as either accepted or not accepted. Once all items are reviewed, the nightly search will be re-enabled to automatically find matches and send notification.

Review possible trades

Review all available trades by searching account equipment with Trade-in status.


If a piece of equipment that you marked as Trade is Accepted as a match, you will receive a notification.

Automated trade matching (Searching)

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