Exchange Sync limited functionality

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** UPDATE 10/1/16 1:17p **
Status: Pending Release
- - -
This issue has been resolved and will be released in the next deployment cycle. Please contact support if fix is needed sooner, we can install this specific fix manually.


  • Sales calls synced with Exchange/Outlook do not update in Handle, if/when changed in Outlook.
  • Sales calls will not sync from Handle to Exchange if the description field is empty.


  • The intended functionality is that any calls created in Handle, that are synced, will update in both directions the next time the sync runs.
  • Changes made to synced calls from Handle to Exchange do still update correctly.
  • The sync is scheduled hourly on most Dealers, some may be different.


  • Reported and validated.
  • We are working to resolve this as fast as possible.
  • Please contact support with any additional questions or information.
Exchange Sync limited functionality

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