Handle Server Setup

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Server Software Requirements

Operating System – Windows 2012 R2
Dealer will be responsible for deploying their own Antivirus software on the Handle server. If no antivirus software is installed by the Dealer, CustomerTRAX will install Microsoft Security Essentials. CustomerTRAX will supply SQL Server 2012 Express, SQL Anywhere ODBC, and the Handle application software.

SQL Server
With more than 80 Users, SQL Server Express may not be sufficient.In this case the Dealer will be required to purchase SQL Server 2012 Standard with a license for each Handle user.Dealer will be required to purchase from their local vendor and Dealer will also need to maintain the number of licenses in accordance with Microsoft licensing rules.
Exchange Integration
Handle will integrate with the following versions of Exchange (Exchange 2007, 2010, 2013, and office 365)
If your Exchange Server is not self­hosted, or hosted by JDO, please verify that your Exchange provider will allow impersonation scripts to be run on our behalf.
Web Based Access
Integration with EQUIP® and other systems often requires a secure connection. CustomerTRAX requires all customers to purchase and install an SSL certificate. To access the system from outside your local internal network, you will also need a registered IP address and URL for Handle. eg.: https://handle.[company].com.
CustomerTRAX performs nightly backups. The Dealer is required to incorporatethe backup of this file in their nightly backup environment.

Hardware Requirements

Minimum requirements
Minimum Dual­Core processor: 2 Ghz or higher

Hard drive

2 Hard drives: 100GB each
Recommend RAID 5 or better (would require 3 drives)
Network Cards
Two Gigabit cards, in case server is to be placed in DMZ or any dual honed environment
Power Supply
Two power supplies; (one) for redundancy
Minimum 8gb RAM

CustomerTRAX is not responsible for ongoing maintenance or failures related to hardware or the Operating System.

We will provide a pre-built windows 2012r2 VM (Either VMWare or HyperV format) to assist in the set up process. This image can be used in existing VM host environments. It is pre-loaded with all the software and settings we need for Handle, OS licensing and OS/Domain configuration is the customer or hosting provider’s responsibility.

Server Setup

A. EQUIP Hosted at JDO
If your D.B.S. is hosted at John Deere, we will be sending a Handle server request on your behalf. You will then be contacted by your Deere account rep to approve and move forward with the request.

B. EQUIP Self Hosted
If you self host or use a 3rd party to host your D.B.S., you are responsible for setting up and maintaining the server. Please let us know who this main Point of Contact will be.

  • Application server FQDN and IP address
  • Database server FQDN and IP address
  • Production database name
  • Additional details may be discussed depending on your configuration/version.
  • (create) Username/Password of domain user account, add to EQUIP_SDK security group.

Please define whether this is hosted in-house, 3rd party, or hosted at ADP. We will need the main Point of Contact also.

  • PFW server URL, Library Name, Database Name, Username/Password
  • If hosted at ADP, the server URL will be similar to a web address, if hosted in-house the server IP address will work.
  • Please let us know if you subscribe to ADP BSI service.

D. Other/Not Listed
We will discuss data integration with you on a case by case basis.

Initial User Load

As we are getting started and other things are being worked on, one main thing we need to do is get all the users loaded in Handle. We can gather the information we need to do this now, and complete once the server is ready.



Fill in as much detail as you can and send, we’ll gladly work through any changes or question as move forward. Reply to the ticket our team created for you or send this to Support@customertrax.com, we will load them for you.
Handle Server Setup

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