Handle can automatically notify you or create Alerts, Sales Calls, and tasks based on certain events in your business system or assigned call frequency. It’s best to discuss this as a group and review with CustomerTRAX before implementing so your users do not get overwhelmed.


CallFrequency PartsInvoice SalesDate
DeliveryDate Quote TradeIn
EstimatedArrivalDate RDADate WarrantyExpireDate
OpportunityEstimatedDate RepairOrderClosed WholegoodsInvoiceDate


Sales Calls, Tasks, Alerts, and Notifications can automatically be created based on transaction amounts and dates that occur in your system. For example, you could automatically send an Alert for all Repair Orders generated above $5,000, or you could automatically schedule a call for the selling Salesperson 7 days after delivery.

Automated rules can be based on account assignment or the salesperson number assigned to the transaction in the business system.


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