Handle v1.6 Release – Deployment June 2nd

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We will be updating Handle the evening of June 2nd. Be sure to logout of Handle, so you can start fresh the next morning. If issues do occur – Please follow these steps to clear your cache.

Please be aware that your Handle application will be offline for a short period of time this evening between 8p and 3a CDT (Central Daylight Time, UTC/GMC -5 hours).


Several new forms and integrations have been added to Handle.

  • Profile – Track, plan, and evaluate key accounts
  • Partners – Track partner details
  • Automate – Schedule reports to be sent to your inbox
  • JDQuote2 – Create quotes and reports faster
  • Invoicing – Get customers out the door in less time
  • Target – Use an advanced search to add participant to Target
  • Print – Custom PDF templates for printing
  • MFPro Assessment – Create, link, and track equipment assessments
  • Rental –  View Rental Contracts in Accounts & Search (*EQUIP Only)
  • Recent – Easily navigate to recently created and opened items
  • Auto add user to notification
    • When a user creates a entity and assigns it to anyone other than themselves, Handle will automatically add those name to the notifications field and notify them.

*View full list of updates here.

Handle v1.6 Release – Deployment June 2nd

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