Automated updates via Notifications

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Handle notifications can be used to Increase awareness on any changes.

Notifications can be sent from any form (Opportunity, Service Request, Delivery Request) by entering the user’s name into the Notification field.

Auto add user to notification: When a user creates a entity and assigns it to anyone other than themselves, Handle will automatically add those name to the notifications field (when you click save) and notify them.


Email notifications can be setup to keep all parties informed of updates as they happen. Notifications automatically appear in the Notifications Feed on the Homepage. They can also be setup to automatically send emails (must be configured per user).

Tip: notify yourself on items you create for others to stay in the loop.



Notifications will remain until reviewed. Mouse over the Notification item to see the ‘Review’ option. Click to review.



Notifications can be reviewed from inside activity details by selecting Review.



You will receive a new notification every time the activity is updated; however, if you already have a pending ‘unreviewed’ notification, Handle will not create another one. You will only ever have one notification per item, but as long as you are on notification list, you will receive new notifications for any item that has been updated since the last time you reviewed them. To stop receiving notifications, you must remove your name from the notification list.

If you have email notification setup, they are slightly different. You will receive a new notification each time the activity is updated regardless of whether or not there is any pending ‘unreviewed’ notifications in Handle.

Learn how to remove yourself from Notifications


Automated updates via Notifications

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