Identifying and reviewing unlinked quotes in Handle

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Unlinked quotes are automatically synchronized with Handle and linked to a Handle user [salesperson]. There is a pre-loaded search “My Active Unlinked” to find and manage these quotes.

You can now easily find and link JDQuotes by using the “Linked To Account” and “Linked To Opportunity” search fields and results.

  1. Select JDQuote from navigation bar
  2. Select the pre-loaded saved search – ”My Active Unlinked”
    *note: you can also search by and link inactive quotes to an account
    identifying unlinked quotes 1
  3. Open quote
    1. Use Account type-ahead search to match Account and link
    2. Also, can be linked to existing Opportunities (or create new Opportunities)

*Once an unlinked quote is linked to a Handle Account, it cannot be linked to another Handle Account, but it can be linked to opportunities, calls, or other activities within the linked account.


Identifying and reviewing unlinked quotes in Handle

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