Creating a quote faster

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A quote can be started from the Navigation bar, Inventory, Account, or an Opportunity (also on mobile device). Select an Account and enter quote name. Everything else has smart pre-filed defaults. Then click Create and a popup window will display the quote and automatically link it back to the account in Handle.

Create from Navigation bar

  1. Add JDQuote
  2. On the JDQuote form select an Account and enter quote name. Everything else has smart defaults.
  3. Click Create. Once created, a popup window will display the quote automatically and link it back to Handle.

create quote 1




Create from Inventory Search

  1. Select one or more stock units
  2. Select Quote

Create from Opportunity / Account screens

  1. Select ‘New’ from JDQuote groupOpp-quote
  2. JDQuote QuickAdd popup
    1. Default – Smart defaults are set on JDQuote fields:
      1. Quote Type = Purchase
      2. Owner = current user
      3. Expiration Date = one week away
      4. Status = Active
    2. Autofill – When creating a quote from an opportunity:
      1. Quote Name will pull from the Opportunity Title
      2. Linked Inventory and Trades will be attached automatically, along with the Opportunity from which it was created


Linking in Quote

  1. Stock Unit
    1. Linking stock units now searches by additional data (StockNo, PIN, Make, Model)
    2. Stock Units will be added to JDQuote in the [Equipment] tab
  2. Equipment for Trade (coming soon)
  3. Link to existing opportunity, or create a new one


Creating a quote faster

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