CKC / JDaim Integration

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Handle has streamlined the process for creating a quote by integrating CKC. As you kickoff your quotes, Handle will provide a drop-down of any CKC/JDaim accounts from previously linked quotes on that account. It remembers which accounts have been matched in the past (even by other team members).

Handle will then pass that CKC account directly to JDQuote. This means you will not have to search for the customer later in JDQuote when starting your quotes in Handle. Handle now bridges the gap between business system accounts and any customer record in JDaim/CKC.

Note: The CKC accounts available will be based on your JDQuote activity and history.

*If the CKC ID changes in JDaim/JDQuote, a new quote must be created

CKC / JDaim Integration

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