Handle v1.6

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Spring Update 

  • Profile – Track, plan, and evaluate key accounts
  • Partners – Track partner details
  • Automate – Schedule reports to be sent to your inbox
  • JDQuote2 – Create quotes and reports faster
  • Invoicing – Get customers out the door in less time
  • Offline – Access saved lists offline in mobile apps
  • Edit – Mass edit account assignments and status
  • Archive – Mass archive any data you want to remove
  • Administration – Manage users, roles, and permissions
  • Target – Use an advanced search to add participant to Target
  • Mobile Search – Advanced inventory searches on mobile
  • Print – Custom PDF templates for printing
  • Portal – Customer access to cases, invoices, etc.
  • PFW – More PFW 2 way integrations
  • MFPro – Create, link, and track equipment assessments
  • Rental –  View Rental Contracts in Accounts & Search (*EQUIP Only)
  • Drop-downs – Organizations can manage field values internally
  • Recent – Easily navigate to recently created and opened items

Additional Handle Updates

  1. Search by Prospects
  2. Auto add user to notification
    1. When a user creates a entity and assigns it to anyone other than themselves, Handle will automatically add those name to the notifications field and notify them. (please request to have this enabled)
  3. Review All button added to Notification Feed
  4. Phone Extension field for Account and Contact
  5. [EQUIP] Field changes to separate ‘Operator’ and ‘Owner’
  6. Update AREC field to match EQUIP
  7. Add fields to Lead
  8. Create new [inventory status] value
  9. Add checkbox to show/hide when searching for expired quotes
  10. Display additional info in Warranty tab
  11. Add columns to Account Equipment GRID
    1. FirstName (Account)
    2. LastName (Account)
    3. Email (Account)
    4. Phone (Account)
    5. Mobile (Account)
    6. Billing Address 1 (Account)
    7. Billing Address 2 (Account)
    8. Billing County (Account)
    9. Billing City (Account)
    10. Billing State (Account)
    11. Billing Zip (Account)
  12. Add columns to Inventory GRID
    1. Acquired From Email
    2. Acquired From Phone
    3. Acquired From Mobile
    4. Acquired From Billing Address 1
    5. Acquired From Billing Address 2
    6. Acquired From Billing County
    7. Acquired From Billing City
    8. Acquired From Billing State
    9. Acquired From Billing Zip
    10. Sold To Email
    11. Sold To Phone
    12. Sold To Billing Address 1
    13. Sold To Billing Address 2
    14. Sold To Billing County
    15. Sold To Billing City
    16. Sold To Billing State
    17. Sold To Billing Zip
    18. Rental Flag (Search and Grid)
    19. Settlement No. (Search and Grid)
Handle v1.6

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