Importing prospect lists from any source

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Manual Import

If you have prospect list that you would like to utilize in Target, contact support, and we will work with you to import your additional prospect data. Account clean up efforts are a common but time consuming problem most dealers face, we highly recommend reviewing data you want to import to prevent duplication (more on importing account lists – here).

  • Download MasterTemplate_ProspectImport to just import Prospects.
  • Download MasterTemplate_TargetImport if you’d like to import Prospects into a Target and/or create an Action.
  • Populate template exactly, do not change any of the colored cells.
  • Only add and fill out the white empty cells in the worksheets.
  • We will review and provide an estimate.
  • All records will be imported as prospects.
  • No account duplication verification will be done.

Coming soon…

Handle Intelligent Import

  • Create your data set from another source
  • Map columns to handle fields
  • Identify smart match criteria
  • Potential matches will display to avoid importing duplicates
Importing prospect lists from any source

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