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Organize what’s important

The Handle Framework provides you the capability to personalize any screen to display the information that is most important to you in the way you want to see it. This applies to both sides of the screen. We recommend you keep the information you are collection on the left and the action steps i.e. follow-up calls, alerts, tasks on the right.

  • Hide/show
  • Reorder
  • Group
  • Expand



From the main view of any item (Account, Sales Call, Opportunity, etc), open the Options menu and select Configure View



Once in the Configure View screen, you have the ability to Reorder or move items (groups or fields):



Set to be Expanded by default:



Hide Groups or Fields:



Customize your process

Think of the area on the right as your process. We can incorporate any data available in Handle like equipment profiles, inventory, next steps in the sales process etc. Displaying these items on the screen will remind users of the next steps you want them to complete. Maybe you simply want them to schedule the next call before they complete the first. Also, new fields can be added to any form or labels can be modified to fit your process.

  1. Add new fields to any form (Platinum Package)
  2. Change order of groups and add group data to fit process
  3. Configure/Rename field labels





Customize View

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