JDQuote2 Integration

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Quoting in Handle begins with an Opportunity (Why would I track opportunities?). The opportunity is designed to act as a folder to house all information around a deal to sell, price, and close. This assumes the opportunity is identified early in the sales process.

There are however many times that opportunities are identified at the same time a quote is needed. when this occurs starting with an opportunity can seem like an extra step making the process clunky. The new Handle process below streamline the creation of a quote.

Required Steps:

  1. Select your Customer (or create Prospect)**
  2. Add a quote title
  3. Click Create

Optional Steps:

  • Link to an existing opportunity or create new
  • Select stock unit(s)**

**Customer information will be sent to JDQuote
**Stock Units will be added to JDQuote in the [Equipment] tab



Further Enhancements:

  • Faster linking to your existing active quotes from an opportunity
  • Linking stock units now searches by additional data (StockNo, PIN, Make, Model)
  • Unlinked quotes are automatically synchronized with Handle
  • Create advanced searches for reporting on JDQuotes.
  • Create saved searches from desktop, view on Mobile apps.
  • Updating quote status and quote expiration date directly from Handle


JDQuote2 Integration

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