Handle Customer Portal

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The Handle customer portal provides a way to share information with your customers and vice-versa. Create a customer login that allows them to view and potentially update the following information.

  • Customers can View:
    • Account Profile and Contacts
    • Equipment
    • Invoices
    • Cases
    • Tower and Receivers
  • Customers can Submit:
    • Profile changes
    • Add contacts and updates
    • Equipment updates
    • Add receivers to their profile
    • Request Tower subscription

All requests or submission from Customers go to the Handle Queue for approval.

  • Handle Admins can approve/reject from the Queue:
    • Account updates
    • Contacts add/updates
    • Equipment adds/updates
    • Tower subscriptions
    • Case submissions

The Handle Portal will be available for customers with a Platinum Agreement. There is an additional one time fee for setup and configuration. The portal can be customized/branded for your organization.



View and submit new case requests.



Review active invoices. Filter by date range.



Add Equipment available for trade in. Review list of equipment.


RTK – Towers and Receivers

Customers can see which towers they’re subscribed to and which ones are available. Customers can request a subscription by clicking in an available tower.



Review account information and add contacts.


Handle Customer Portal

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