Handle Agent

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Handle Agent is a small lightweight desktop application for Windows. It runs in the system tray and allows you to search and interact with accounts and prospects without the need for an open browser window.

If integrated with your phone system, Handle Agent can respond to incoming calls and call transfers with an on screen pop-up, commonly referred to as a “Call Pop” or “Screen Pop”, which displays the account information of the person calling.

Handle Agent is available to all Handle customers and users.

Integration with your phone system is available to Handle Platinum customers.


Handle Agent
  • Can I integrate Handle with my phone system to get screen pops? Integration
  • Can I customize the information that’s displayed when someone calls? Screen Pop
  • What if a call comes in and is not found in Handle? Screen Pop
  • Will I be interrupted or lose what I am working on when a call comes in? Details
  • How do I install and setup the Handle Agent? Download and Install
  • Can I search and find the same information that’s in the desktop version? Searching
  • What account information is available? Account Screen
  • Can I change the layout of the account screen? Customize View
  • Can I update or add information to an account or prospect using the Agent, like a sales call or a note? Create Activity

Handle Agent

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