Education: Barriers to Successful CRM Training

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We’ve all sat through horrendous training presentations — you know the scene: packed in a room for half the day, being lectured to by an instructor or a consultant who doesn’t understand your business and whose main goal is to jam as much information as possible into one session.

You probably don’t recall what you took away from these standard trainings — and that’s no surprise, because this approach is not an effective method to change a behavior or create a new one.

Team members are typically resistant to change, period. Any new system, especially CRM, will require behavioral shifts both in how team members perform tasks and potentially the tasks in which they are involved. To create this change in behavior, it takes more than just training — it takes education — an ongoing process to engage and coach team members to explain how to do something, and why.

CustomerTRAX understands this reality, and can lead your organization to successfully introduce and implement a CRM adoption strategy with the focus to drive behavioral change. CustomerTRAX helps managers to incorporate smart training strategies and techniques — to avoid the “one-and-done” approach — here are some key points to consider:

  • Do not expect everyone to learn the same way at the same pace
  • Introduce WHY your business is implementing CRM prior to application training
  • Do not force a plan that is not working – expect to learn and adjust
  • Do not plan to instruct a single time – change requires more exposure
  • Large group training sessions are not effective and will lead to disengagement
  • Leadership must be engaged through the entire education process.

It is critical that management knows how to do what they are asking of their team: If leadership cannot perform tasks to the point of instruction, your implementation will be an uphill battle.

To help your business develop a successful CRM training strategy, CustomerTRAX offers an education module to guide and instruct the process — this includes recommended steps and a scorecard to grade your organization. Contact CustomerTRAX to learn how you can achieve a better education strategy.

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Education: Barriers to Successful CRM Training

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