Handle by CustomerTRAX – Implementation Timeline

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A high-level outline of the Handle implementation steps are below. Starred items (*) need to be completed immediately to start the implementation process. Some of these milestones will be handled by different members of our team, and may happen in parallel. The number of days listed at each stage are estimates and will vary based on implementation objectives.

Handle Setup (Days 0-30)

CRM Adoption Process (Days 15-45)

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  1. Adoption Workbook (click here to watch video)
  2. Review & Summary (CustomerTRAX)
  3. Handle Configuration (CustomerTRAX)

Management Walkthrough (Days 45-60)

  • Handle Introductory Content (CustomerTRAX)
  • Provide access and Logins (CustomerTRAX)
  • Handle Management Demo (CustomerTRAX)
  • Feedback and further configuration (CustomerTRAX)

Acceptance & Rollout Plan (Days 60-90)

  1. Pilot User Group
  2. Pilot Q&A
  3. User training strategy

If you have any questions along the way, do not hesitate to reach out. We look forward to working with you on a successful implementation.

Handle by CustomerTRAX – Implementation Timeline

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