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Handle CRM by CustomerTRAX

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Integration Sources

  1. Business System ERP
  2. MFPro Inventory & MFPro Trade Assessments
  3. DIT
  4. Google Maps
  5. VoIP phone system
  6. JDQuote2
  7. Gmail
  8. Exchange
  9. Single Sign-on


Centralize, collect, and share


Automate to create repeatable processes


Easily design reports for informed decisions

Handle Integration Platform


Our service based architecture allows for integration to any external application or data service

Solutions - Handle Grips

Account Managment

Cut the number of calls needed to close a sale by 50%.

A simple, smart, and speedy solution to manage your prospect and customer relationships.

Opportunity Managment

Learn how to increase the closure on forecasted sales by 24% or more.

Close more deals with a simple coaching tool and automated trade matching.

Quote Managment

Want an easy and accurate quoting process?

Start quotes fast—Integrated with everything needed to complete quickly.

Support Center

Want to increase your customer satisfaction score?

One of the best ways to differentiate yourself is with service. Ensure your customers are always taken care of.

Inventory Management

Want easy access to real-time pricing and the information they need?

A simple and flexible solution to quickly find inventory and all the needed details.

Service Management

Want to have customers rely on you for service and repairs?

Streamline request process to prevent delays and create preventative solutions.

Vehicle Management

Want to know quickly about scheduling or resource changes?

Analyze and predict future truck and resource needs.

Target Marketing

Finding it difficult to analyze the data you have?

Harness the power of a search hooked directly into your existing data and customer profiles.


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